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Million Dollar March Match 2019

Our College was saved. The passionate alumni of Antioch refused to give up on Mann’s (and Morgan’s, Henderson’s, Scott King’s and many other great Antiochians’) vision for a college that would prepare young people to win victories for humanity. Today, as a 168 year old start up, we are a small but mighty school, imagining and making, designing and building, pushing ahead and persisting in being, in Mann’s words, “a college never seen before.”

This is the moment to support outstanding students who own their education, learn experientially, and act for justice.

The Million Dollar March Match campaign gives you an opportunity to double the impact of your generosity.  Barbara Winslow ’68, trustee emerita, and Bill Harris ’60 will match your contribution 1:1 up to $500,000. 

A Message From Vahid Merkle '22

Antioch College was my first choice school—even though I had never set foot on campus, it was the only school I applied to. I was raised in a household that focused heavily on social justice, and when I learned about Antioch from some friends who had visited, I thought, “Wow, this was the holistic experience I was looking for.” No other school fit so well with my ideals.

Being able to work so closely with my teachers, my peers, and the governance of the school means I’m not only building my education, I’m building the Antioch experience. 

My experience at Antioch College has been far more than I could hope for, especially due to Antioch’s small class sizes and the close relationships I can develop with my professors. What will keep me here for four years is the strong sense of community—community with my peers, professors, people at the library, and the administration. I know I can have a meaningful conversation with anyone on campus.

This is the moment... say the status quo is not an option; to put your support behind students who are the changemakers we need in the world.

This is the moment to maximize your impact: make a gift today

Ways to Give

  • By secure online giving form
  • By mail with a check, payable to Antioch College; mail to Antioch College, Office of Advancement, One Morgan Place, Yellow Springs, OH 45387
  • By phone with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express; please call 937-767-2341
  • Stock gifts can be electronically transferred by your broker; call 937-767-2341 for details