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Antioch College is a new kind of American college. Antioch is an innovative and progressive institution and community, dedicated to pursuing new and better ways of living and learning in our world.

Founded in 1850 by the eminent scholar Horace Mann, Antioch is centered on the pillars of campus and experiential education, co-op and community. At Antioch, education and opportunities for growth are not confined to the classroom, but take place throughout the campus community, and in the world at-large. The Antioch experience encourages students to explore broad perspectives on critical issues, and innovative approaches to learning and living differently in the world.

Antioch’s hallmark cooperative program (“co-op”) expands education through work and experiential learning. Students alternate academic terms on campus with terms on full-time work, where they learn to navigate complex environments, negotiate for themselves, and experiment with solution-oriented approaches. In applying themselves to real-world situations, they explore their interests and develop practical skills.

Community is the guiding principle of campus life. Antioch was among the first colleges to incorporate community governance, through which students, faculty and staff participate jointly in institutional decision-making. The process of community building at Antioch promotes the creation of “deep democracy,” encouraging individuals to work together in developing greater group cohesion and resilience. 

The words of Loren Pope, former education editor of The New York Times and author of Colleges That Change Lives, speak to Antioch’s unique capability: “Antioch is in a class by itself. There is no college or university in the country that makes a more profound difference in a young person’s life, or that creates more effective adults. None of the Ivies, big or small, can match Antioch’s ability to produce outstanding thinkers and doers.” 

168 years after its founding, Antioch College continues to innovate in higher education, and continues to attract students seeking the tools to innovate in their communities and careers. Antioch is leading a movement for a new kind of American college.

Antioch College is located in Yellow Springs, OH, in the heart of the Miami Valley, and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.