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Wellness Center Construction

Update as of March 2014

Estimated completion: Summer 2014

Renovation of the Wellness Center began in June 2013 and is currently on schedule for completion by Summer 2014.
The Wellness Center will be a L.E.E.D Silver certified building with the following “Green” attributes:
• Geothermal heating and cooling system.
• Large circulating fans in all gyms to assist with cooling and temperature de-stratification to help evenly heat and cool the space.
• High efficiency lighting and controls.
• New insulated roof.
• New thermally insulated glass windows throughout the building.
• Low flow water fixtures in restrooms and showers.
• The new pool will be heated utilizing waste heat from the Dehumidification system. The pools ultraviolet filtration system will eliminate toxic chloramines and other disinfection by-products for cleaner, greener, safer pool water.
• Low or no VOC paints, caulks and sealants.
At this point we are only a few months away from completion and much progress has been made. The South Gym area is nearly complete and will feature a warming kitchen and remodeled restrooms. The East & West gyms have new windows installed and the roof trusses and walls have been repainted. 
The East and South gym floors are currently getting sanded and prepped for a new finish and will be re-striped for volleyball, badminton and basketball. The newly designed locker rooms are progressing and soon will have shower stalls and restroom fixtures installed. In the aquatics center, the pool walls have been installed and the concrete pool floor will be poured within the next week. The new therapy pool is set and plumbing connections to the mechanical room are in process. New shingles have been installed on the peaked roof and contractors are now installing the rubber membrane on the flat roof over the pool, south gym and box courts. Still much work to do, but we are confident the Wellness Center will be ready to go this summer for the enjoyment of our staff, faculty, students and community.