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Student Jobs

Antioch students are given an opportunity to further enhance their classroom experiences by obtaining employment at a variety of job settings on campus. Please check back often for current job postings.

  • Position Summary: 
    The Student kitchen assistant is a key supporting culinary and general foodservice role filled by currently enrolled students on study or co-op terms.
    Essential functions (responsibilities):
    Assists the House Chef and Chef’s Assistant in the preparation of meals. Supports the completion and execution of meals.
    Is responsible for maintaining the organization and cleanliness of the... Read more
  • Summary of Position:

    Student assists with all technical needs for the Arts department including Visual Arts, Media Arts, and Performance Arts. 


    Media Equipment Responsibility includes regular weekly hours signing out equipment in the Media Arts Closet and related responsibilities maintaining and tracking equipment.  Art Studio and other duties may include video and sound recording and... Read more

  • Summary of Position:

    The cashier is responsible for the operation of the cash register and oversite of students and guests entering the dining hall during meal service periods.

    Essential functions (responsibilities):

    Take money and make change for meals

    Collect checks and meal tickets

    Count down drawer and secure deposits

    Keeping tabs on non-student guests

    Reporting non-payment

    ... Read more

  • Summary of the Position:  
    The Gallery Assistant lends assistance to the Creative Director--through project-based creative problem-solving and planning support-- in the operation and programming of the Herndon Gallery and in building the broader arts umbrella: Arts at Antioch in a mentored and collaborative environment.  A strong personal motivation is expected in learning non-profit arts organization coordination and academic gallery management... Read more
  • Summary of Position: 
    This position is responsible for assisting in the successful operation of the IT function in accordance with the strategic plan and the mission and vision of the College.  The Helpdesk Analyst I works closely with other individuals in the Office of Information Technology to ensure the College’s technology (software and hardware) is performing properly and that hardware, software, and systems outages are analyzed, addressed... Read more
  • Position Summary: 
    The dish washer is responsible for an essential function of the kitchen. This position ensures that all kitchen and dining equipment remains clean and well organized. It is also a key support role to all other kitchen staff.
    Essential functions (responsibilities):
    Washing, drying and organizing dishes, pots, pans, utensils, equipment and work stations
    Operate and clean the dish machine
    Sweeping and... Read more
    The PlayWell Attendant supervises children ages 3-10 while playing in the Wellness Center, as the parents/guardians of PlayWell participants utilize the facility. The PlayWell Attendant provides access to Wellness Center approved equipment, suitable for use by children in the PlayWell program. The PlayWell Attendant encourages active play and participation, guiding the appropriate use of selected equipment. Must be available between 4-8 PM... Read more
  • Summary of Position: 

    The Property Management Staff is responsible to provide prompt and excellent service to our students, staff and faculty by maintaining a clean and healthy environment through routine custodial work and facility maintenance in all campus buildings, including academic buildings and dormitories, in accordance with regular and periodic maintenance schedules.


    Perform various types of... Read more

  • Summary of Position:

    Students will assist the ITAMS Media Services Coordinator with all aspects of media services support. When hours are available students may also work with the Foundry Theatre Technical Director as needed.


    Under the supervision of the Media Services Coordinator responsibilities include, but are not limited to: provide support for events and activities related to media services. This can include... Read more

  • Antioch College is searching for part-time Lifeguards for the Wellness Center. Applicants must be certified prior to applying.

    Position Summary:

    Lifeguards ensure the safety of patrons of an aquatic facility by preventing and responding to emergencies. Lifeguards uphold all facility policies and ensure compliance with local and state aquatic facility regulations.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Maintain constant... Read more