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Events Committee Coordinator

Summary of Position:  The Antioch College Events Committee Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all events on campus. It is a paid, quarterly position. The coordinator will assist the performance of events by Independent Groups and others on campus. Such events may include: dances, fundraisers, dinners, field trips, speakers, performances, workshops, residence hall activities, symposia, etc. The Events Committee Coordinator will work to ensure the Events Committee hears proposals from the community for events on campus or events affiliated with the Antioch College Community. The Events Committee will work to ensure that all funds are used appropriately and that a broad cross-section of the community is represented with equal opportunities. The coordinator will also work to make certain the Events Committee educates the community about the process of obtaining funding, coordinating publicity with communications and producing events effectively.



  • Upholding the Antioch Honor Code.
  •  Ensuring each member of the Events Committee is accurately informed of their responsibilities.
  •  Making certain the Antioch Community is accurately informed on the procedure to propose an event.
  •  Providing monthly reports on the status of funds and proceedings to the Events Committee and Community Council.
  •  Working closely with Independent Groups and others to coordinate proper funds and/or supplies necessary for a successful outcome.
  •  Appropriately assessing school funds for individual events.
  •  Recognizing and identifying potential areas where existing problems may occur and properly dealing with such.
  •  Attending all Community Meetings.
  •  Attending all meetings of the Events Committee or Community Council where relevant proposals are being considered.


Required Skills and Qualifications:  Must be in good academic and community standing.


Please list any physical requirements needed to perform the duties of this position:  None.


Environmental Considerations:  None.

Winter 2017
Number of positions available: 
Community Government
Immediate Supervisor Name: 
Jennifer Berman
Start Date: 
Tuesday, January 3, 2017