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Student Policies

Letter from the Office of Student Life

Dear Fellow Antiochians,

On behalf of current students, staff, and faculty, we welcome you to the Antioch College community. We also want you to know that we are here to make your education both enjoyable and successful.

The Antioch College Student Handbook is intended to be a guide to the principles and policies that shape and regulate our community and help you navigate the Antioch experience. Students who matriculate at Antioch College have entered into a unique educational community, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through scholarship, experiential learning, community participation, and social justice. By joining this community, you are expected to understand and abide by the principles and policies that enable us to thrive as members of the Antioch community.

Residing on campus is a unique living-learning experience, which comes with necessary responsibilities. Many of these responsibilities are detailed in this handbook. We will share others with you through campus publications and in Community Meetings. The College may, from time to time, adopt additional rules regulating aspects of community life not covered here. This handbook is updated annually. There are some things that may change between the time of this writing and having this book in your hands. We will make every attempt to keep you current with any changes.

As you read this handbook and other documents, you will notice that the Antioch College Honor Code is repeated several times. This statement forms the basis of our educational community and the policies with which you should become familiar. In addition to the Honor Code, you will become familiar with the mission and vision of the college, as well as the Horace Mann Fellowship Agreement. By signing the Rights and Responsibilities, you are agreeing to the conditions that guide your experience as an Antiochian attending the college with a full scholarship for the next four years.

We are pleased that you have chosen to be a member of our unique campus community. Should you have any questions, please contact us in the Office of Community Life. We are here to make your first year at Antioch a successful one!

Again, we welcome you to Antioch College.