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The Arts

The Arts curriculum at Antioch College introduces students to multiple perspectives and strategies of art making, including interdisciplinary, community-based, and global contexts, both in the classroom and through work experiences.

Students will develop their own creative intelligence and hone their analytical and conceptual skills through disciplined ongoing and evolving practice. The Arts curriculum provides a rich environment for students to develop a critical vocabulary for understanding and analyzing contemporary art culture, and for developing an evolving practice that investigates particular aesthetic, ethical, and representational dilemmas in arts making.

The Arts curriculum is supported by several cultural and community assets that include WYSO radio station (an NPR affiliate), the Herndon Gallery, and the Foundry Theater; all located on the Antioch campus. Arts at Antioch is an umbrella committee that allows for the participation of staff, faculty, and students to assist in creating programming and interacting with the broader community. Artists in residence also afford additional opportunities for lectures and workshops with visiting artists, as well as collaboration in the studio as part of course work.


Majors in the Arts

All majors in the arts lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Media Arts // Performance // Visual Arts // Self-Designed


Special Topics in the Arts

Special Topics courses offered by the Arts division over the last two years:

MEDA 365 Topics in Animation: After Effects

MEDA 365 Topics in Animation: Handcrafted & Experimental Practices

MEDA 390 Special Topics in Film History: History of the Documentary

MEDA 390 Special Topics in Film History: History of Animation

MEDA 390 Special Topics in Film History: Cinema Now

PERF 260 Topics in Performance: Installation

PERF 260 Topics in Performance: History of Poltical Performance in Cuba

PERF 360 Advanced Topics in Performance: Contemporary Latin American Performance Art

VISA 270 Special Topics in the Visual Arts with the Resident Artist: Painting off the Canvas

VISA 370 Special Topics in the Visual Arts: Digital Art