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The study of literature, history, and philosophy make up the cornerstones of humanistic inquiry at Antioch College. Each major within the humanities requires coursework within the specific disciplinary area, but also allows significant freedom for the student to develop his or her own interests. Every student who graduates with a humanities major will be exposed to the humanities in a broader sense through the 210 series of courses. Additionally, students will be encouraged to develop interdisciplinary strategies for reading and research.

Majors in the Humanities

All majors in the humanities lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree.

History // Literature // Philosophy


Resident Faculty:
Kevin McGruder, history // Lara Mitias, philosophy // Lewis Trelawny-Cassity, philosophy
Mary Anne Davis, literature // Corine Tachtiris, literature

Visiting, Part-time, and Adjunct Faculty:
Rebecca Kuder, creative writing // Robin Littell, writing // Rahul Nair, history
Scott Sanders, history