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The science curriculum provides a rich environment for developing the powers of insight and creativity, as well as many transferable skills. Students in the sciences are offered pathways that can lead to rewarding post-baccalaureate professional and academic opportunities.

Science is continually changing, and students will learn foundational concepts of science fields, and practice the critical-thinking and research skills necessary for them to continue to adapt and learn long after they graduate. The majors in the sciences are designed to lead students through courses that build on the knowledge gained in previous classes, and emphasize close interaction with faculty and other students. Students in both majors begin their journey with a core set of foundational and introductory courses taken in common. By the second year, students will begin to focus more time on intermediate and advanced courses that are specifically designed to lead them to the culmination of the major they have chosen, even though some courses will be taken in common.

The culmination for both majors is the senior project, based on the students’ research, and is presented both orally and in writing.


Majors in the Sciences

All majors in the sciences lead to the Bachelor of Science degree.

Biomedical Science // Environmental Science