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Self-Designed Majors

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The self-designed major is available for students with special objectives that cannot be met by another major offered at the College. To declare a self-designed major, a student must submit a properly completed Self-Designed Major Form to the registrar’s office for consideration by the Self-Designed Major Committee, which will approve, reject, or recommend changes to the proposed major. A student is expected to submit the preliminary plan by the end of the fourth study quarter (typically fall of the second year of study), and should have the final plan approved by the end of the sixth study quarter (summer of the second year of study). No self-designed major will be approved if there are two or fewer academic terms remaining before a student’s graduation. The Self-Designed Major Committee will approve only those self-designed majors that are significantly different from existing majors at Antioch College.

The course and credit requirements for a self-designed major are similar to those of standard majors in the catalog, but there are some important differences of which students should be aware.

A student’s plan:

  • Must meet general education requirements
  • Cannot be accommodated within an existing major
  • Must be significantly different from any existing major
  • Must be conductible using existing College resources
  • Must not contain more than three independent studies

Self-Designed Major Leading to the Bachelor of Arts
Self-Designed Major Leading to the Bachelor of Science