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Social Sciences

The social sciences at Antioch College encompass three fields of study focusing on cultural anthropology, political economy, and psychology, disciplines that examine and attempt to explain how humans, as social beings, function in society at a variety of levels ranging from individual behavior to small group dynamics, and to the functioning of the economy, politics, and culture. The core of these fields of study is their focus on the interplay of self and other, individual and society, personality and institutions, individual behavior and social action, micro- and macro-levels of analysis, theory and practice, and stability and change. In the spirit of C. Wright Mills’ notion of “sociological imagination,” the social sciences inspire in students a passion for understanding the interactions between biography and history, personal and social concerns, and private and public domains. The social sciences further seek to equip students with a quality of mind that enables them to use multiple modes of inquiry, critical, and analytical thinking, in order to better address current issues in contemporary society.

Majors in the Social Sciences

All majors in the social sciences lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Anthropology // Political Economy // Psychology