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Foundry Theater

The Facility:

The Foundry Theater is a multi -space facility that includes a 200 seat Mainstage Theater, the 50 seat Experimental black box theater, a sprung- floor dance studio,  and additional workshop, office and studio spaces.  Adjacent to the theater complex is the 400 seat outdoor Amphitheater.  The Foundry is home to the Performance Major at Antioch College as well as a resource for community, educational and arts organizations. The Foundry Theater has an Advisory Committee comprised of Antioch College staff and faculty, as well as community representatives.


Performance Major:

The performance major at Antioch College starts with the notion of the self as source and resource. Our classes feature an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes the presence of the performer and the responsibility of the artist to the audience.

Through the investigation of voice, body, story, text, and space, students come to understand the connection between their own experience as performers and their responsibility to communicate to others. Students engage with generative and interpretive strategies, develop original works, and stage plays in order to reflect their learning as makers and scholars of performance.

As students progress they become familiar with history, contemporary practices, and theory through studies of interdisciplinary avant-garde performance, documentary theater and media, production classes, and collaborations with guest artists and community members.



The Foundry Theater at Antioch College serves students, faculty, staff, and community members who believe freedom of the imagination is an essential force in a healthy, dynamic, and just society.

We believe live performance enraptures us, changes the way we think and feel, and allows us to enter and experience culture, class, race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity and ableness through completely different points of view. We believe performance is a vehicle for social change, and that change often begins with self‐awareness and transformation.

Our venue nurtures and supports the theatrical and performance education and expression of both the college and the community. We believe performing arts teaches and necessitates collaboration, and we extend that collaboration to include the people of the Village of Yellow Springs.



  • The Foundry Theater at Antioch College delivers our vision through three main avenues.

  • We seek to create and deliver original programming for public offerings; featuring the performance department, community life programming, and other guests of Antioch College.  

  • We offer the use of the facility through a market-rate rental program for recitals, community gatherings, and events.

  • We help develop new and existing community groups through our in-kind rehearsal grant program.  


Contact Us:

Mailing Address
One Morgan Place
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
 Phone: 937-319-0200



Amanda Egloff
Technical Director
Foundry Theater
Phone: 937-319-6139 ext. 7628



Louise Smith
Associate Professor of Performance
Foundry Theater
Phone: 937-319-0112 or 937-319-61399 ext. 7515

Juan Si Gonzalez
Associate Professor of Performance
Foundry Theater