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Experiential Education: Work at Antioch College

“A liberal education is an exploring education—that students seek wisdom wherever wisdom can be found—in the record of the past, in the accounts of contemporary experience and in their own participation in the world around them.” Antioch College, Its Design for Liberal Education, Algo Henderson, President 1936–48

Antioch College believes in giving students the experience to blend together the classroom learning they receive with the real life experience they need to succeed and achieve when they are done with College. Students will participate in activities on campus that relate to our fundamental focus on energy, food and water sustainability on campus while gaining experience in stimulating work environments in the off quarters.

Because our students will work while studying during their co-op terms, these co-ops will be well integrated into their academic and community life. The work itself will become a learning experience, and open the door for more pathways in the students lives to experience and grow in everything they do.

Ultimately, we hope that the co-op system will serve to help our students improve in:

  • Thinking creatively and independently
  • Building their cooperative skills
  • Acting Responsibly
  • Communicating effectively
  • Working productively
  • Building intercultural understanding