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What is Co-op?

Cooperative education is the model of involving students in full-time work in alternating quarters over the course of their education. Students will apply for jobs and work them as normal to acquire job experience.

Why Co-op?

Studies show that students gain maturity, motivation, and problem-solving abilities by participating in programs such as cooperative education. Co-op helps students learn from work and reflect on their academic activities. In addition to full-time jobs off campus, Antioch College’s co-op program requires students to complete periods of part-time work on and off campus during study quarters. Students can work in jobs that reflect their majors and interests.

How do you apply?

Prospective employers should submit required forms and a job description to Richard Kraince, Dean of Cooperative, Experiential and International Education. When writing a job description, be sure to focus on the needs of your company and the specific tasks a student must be able to perform. Students may not be hired on as consultants or independent contractors. Identify entry level positions, planning for more enriched work environments for higher level students.

What is the hiring process?

The College will recruit, screen, and recommend applicants. Once a candidate has been recommended to an employer, the employer can interview the candidate to determine whether there is a good match. The College does not set compensation standards, but students must be able to support themselves on wages earned during co-op quarters. Wages starting between $9 to $12 an hour is recommended as less than $350 a week has proven impossible in the past; alternately, providing room/board and a $150 stipend is acceptable. Students already possess health care as full time students. Please contact the College immediately upon hiring a student.

Are there any special considerations in managing the student?

The College does not wish to interfere directly in the management of the student, but the employer will be required to fill out a an Employer Participation Agreement and a Learning Objective Agreement. The employer will be asked to provide a mid-term assessment and to complete a final evaluation a the end of the co-op term.

What is expected of the employer?

The employer must treat the student like a regular employee as far as procedures and regulations. The employer must maintain an up to date job description for the Antioch College Cooperative Education Program. The employer has to adjust the students workload as their skills grow. If applicable we request that you inform Antioch of any decision to rehire the student before the twelve weeks have expired.