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Global Political Economy

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ANTH 280 / PECO 280


The course combines theories and insights from a number of disciplines such as economics, sociology, international relations and comparative politics to develop a better understanding of globalization. It begins with an overview of the current state of the global economy, its main national and transnational actors, and its major issues and challenges. Then it reviews major theoretical perspectives ranging from classical mercantilist, liberal and neoliberal, modernization, hegemonic power, dependency, and world system, to state developmentalism to explain the historical development of the global political economy. For more in-depth analysis, the course will focus on certain themes including: transnational corporations, global division of labor, uneven development, debt crisis, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Offered every two years. Prerequisite: one PECO course and one other social science course, or instructor’s permission. Cross-listed as PECO 280.

M, W 10:30am - 12:20pm
Course Term: 
Winter 2015
Hassan Rahmanian
Course Location: 
MCG 118
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Letter Grade