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Global Seminar: Food

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GS 120


Why do we eat what we eat? What are our food traditions? Where does our food come from and how is it produced? What are the institutions, policies, and cultural dynamics that shape our eating habits? What are the costs and benefits—human, environmental, social, economic, and political—of food production and consumption today? Are our methods of food production and distribution sustainable? What are positive solutions to the global food crisis? This course introduces students to food in relation to culture, science, psychology, history, politics and socioeconomics. This global seminar will include national and regional guest speakers, documentary films, and experiential/service learning. The course is oriented around guest-led topics and small group discussions. Student requirements will include reading, journal writing, and collaborative final projects.

R 1:00pm - 3:50pm
Course Term: 
Winter 2013
Course Location: 
MG 113
Grade Format: 
Letter Grade