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Global Seminar: Health

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GS 140


One of the central ethical questions in philosophy is, “What is the good life?” But before there can even be a discussion of the good life, there must be life itself, and that raises the question of health. What constitutes health, both for human beings and for the rest of the ecosystem, and how are those two related? In other words, how do we even define “health?” This course introduces students to the many-sided perspectives and questions involved in the issue of health from its very biological and chemical make-up to the global issues of the health, (or lack thereof ) of entire populations, including the central question of the ownership and distribution of health care. The course will especially draw from disciplines in the social sciences and natural sciences and will relate to subject matter covered in courses from the health sciences to the political economy of health and wellness. This global seminar will include national and local speakers, documentaries, field trips, experiential learning, and projects. The ultimate goal of the course is to provoke reflection on, and insight into, not just the questions of personal health and health care, but how the entire issue of health in the individual, society, and the world, is related to questions of justice, or the “good life.”

R 2:30pm - 5:20pm
Course Term: 
Fall 2014
Louise Smith
Hassan Rahmanian
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MCG 113
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Letter Grade