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Literature and History: The Literary Legacy of Slavery

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LIT 110


Literature and History are often thought to be very deeply entwined disciplines. Is there a fundamental difference between the two? In this foundation-level course, students will be introduced to the principal literary genres of poetry, drama, and prose while considering the relationship between imaginative literature and historical narrative. Students will be introduced to historicism as a tool of literary analysis and investigate the sociopolitical function, of the creative, “historical” imagination. Students will read a wide range of “historical” creative texts, including those that examine closely concerns of the past or future. Topically, these could focus on imperialism, slavery, environmental collapse, and war. Together, we will consider the ways in which literature and creative expression enable reconsiderations of these historical subjects.

M, W, F 8:30am - 9:45am
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Winter 2015
Geneva Gano
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MCG 147
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Letter Grade