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Media, Internet, and Society

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MEDA 101


This course interrogates the relationship between media and society, focusing particularly on innovations in media technology that have reflected or spawned shifts in human culture and social organization. From this point of view, the Internet and virtuality are not anomalous developments but the contemporary symptoms of cultural changes that have been developing for hundreds of years. To see ourselves more clearly in this evolving continuum, we will examine artworks that shine a particular light on contemporary existence and on our own historical context. Topics include Internet precursors, media ecology, appropriation and copyright, net neutrality, tactical media, and artist appropriation of media technology in relation to and resistance against ubiquitous forms, of telecommunication and surveillance technology. Skills include HTML and web design and interactivity via basic programming. Course assignments will involve academic research, critical writing, and artistic production-each to be shared via the Web, (via Wikipedia articles, on a class blog, or as web art).

M, W 2:30pm - 5:20pm
Course Term: 
Summer 2014
Course Location: 
MCG 052
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Grade Format: 
Letter Grade