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Psyche, Myth, & Culture

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ANTH 315 / PSYC 315


The nature of the human psyche often reveals itself through symbolic and metaphorically rich cultural mythologies and narratives. Mythologies offer a variety of images and motifs that illuminate and animate underlying psychological patterns and insights into the psychological life of cultural practices and institutions. This course engages myth psychologically to examine archetypal patterns, symbolism, mythopoetic images and narratives, folk tales and fairy tales, regional geography, cinema, mythodrama, and their influences on an individual’s, group’s, and collective’s search for meaning. Prerequisite: one PSYC foundation course, one 200-level PSYCH course, or permission from the instructor. Cross-listed as PSYC 315.

M, W 8:30am - 10:20am
Course Term: 
Winter 2015
Jalaledin Ebrahim
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MCG 130
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Letter Grade