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Quantatative Seminar

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GSQ 105


Quantitative seminars are theme-based workshops that seek to improve students’ skills in quantitative reasoning and help students understand how real-world problems and social- environmental issues can be analyzed using the power and rigor of mathematical and statistical models such as formulas, graphs, tables, charts, etc. These courses address one of the vital features of contemporary academic, personal, professional, and public life: a reliance on information and arguments involving numbers. Students will work with problem-focused real data and learn how to collect, summarize, and analyze them; they will be able to interpret quantitative information and be able to critically evaluate representation, reasoning, and inferences or conclusions that are based on quantitative information. Although the course involves some calculation, quantification, and measurement, its primary focus will be on interpretation, reasoning, and problem solving. Quantitative seminars share themes with global seminars, but they are delivered and graded independently.

T, R 9:30am - 10:20am
Course Term: 
Winter 2015
Flavia Sancier-Barbosa
Course Location: 
MCG 147
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Grade Format: 
Letter Grade