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Work Portfolio II

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During the second co-op, students will be expected to more fully engage with their employing organization by learning from others how to achieve that level of engagement. Organized reflective writing and other learning activities are designed to help students achieve their personal learning objectives and the stated co-op learning outcomes. Of course each student finds additional personal benefits. The reflection component of this work portfolio entails students continuing to journal about their progression towards further independence and self-management. Such personalized documentation will allow students to gain insights into the development of their own workplace competencies and into effectively entering, belonging in and operating within the employing organization’s culture. Most of the journal assignments involve students writing about observations of that organizational culture and the associated readings. In the final paper students reflect on evaluations from the employer, attainment of educational objectives, self-assessment of growth in the integration of classroom learning and its application to the experience of the workplace, and analysis of further needs for development. Following successful completion, each student will earn two credits.

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Winter 2015
Richard Kraince
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Letter Grade