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Work Portfolio IV (sec 2)

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WORK 425


The fourth co-op term is a planned and evaluated learning experience that places the student in an environment where learning is accomplished through conversation and interaction with their co-workers and supervisors who serve as mentors and guides to help the student’s thinking about next steps and entree into post- baccalaureate life. Organized reflective writing and other learning activities are designed to help students achieve their personal learning objectives and the stated co-op and learning outcomes. In a final paper students will summarize their learning and reflect on evaluations from the employer, attainment of educational outcomes pertinent to their anticipated path following graduation and self- assessment of growth in the integration of classroom learning and its application to the experience of the workplace. Following successful completion, each student will earn two credits. Prerequisites: Successful completion of one national co-op and WORK 125 or above and permission of the co-op faculty.

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Fall 2014
Richard Kraince
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Letter Grade