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Dean Snyder

Contact Information

Office: 219 McGregor

Phone: 937-319-0157

Assistant Professor of Political Economy

Dean Snyder joined the Antioch College faculty as Assistant Professor of Political Economy in September 2015. In December 2015, he completed a Ph. D. in political science from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Snyder’s primary research field is global political economy, with specific attention to the historical development of global capitalism.

Snyder's research program centers on studies of commercial capital – that is, the fraction of capital that specializes in the purchase, transportation, and resale of commodities. His book project, Commercial Capital: Revolutions in World Commerce, examines the interconnections between corporations and the state system in driving the development of global commerce during key historical epochs, from the colonial era, through the period of U.S. hegemony, to the rise of China and the construction of its One Belt, One Road project.

Snyder's secondary research is in the field of media and communications studies. His prior collaboration with Matt Guardino of Providence College focused on the role of the corporate news media in enabling the rise of the Tea Party. Their current project analyzes the centrality of advertising and marketing to the operation of internet communications, the political news media, and the pharmaceutical industry.

In the classroom, Snyder integrates active learning strategies with skill-building and concept-based approaches to student intellectual development. As a teacher, his core goal is to guide students as they explore the relationships between knowledge, experience, theory, and action.

As a Mellon Globalization Fellow, Snyder works with the Great Lakes College Association to advance global education at Antioch, with specific attention to initiatives related to global climate change.


  • Ph. D. in Political Science Syracuse University, 2015

  • M.A. in Political Science Syracuse University, 2009

  • B.A. in Political Science, German Lehigh University, 2005


  • Global Political Economy

  • Political Economic Theory

  • Comparative Public Policy

  • US Foreign Policy

  • International Relations

  • Transnational and Community Media

  • Political Economy of Information Technology

  • Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences


  • 2016: The Stephen Eric Bronner Dissertation Award (New Political Science Section, American Political Science Association)


  • “The Capitalist Advertising and Marketing Complex: A Political Materialist Analysis,” New Political Science 39:4 (December 2017) (forthcoming with Matt Guardino)

  • “The Tea Party and the Crisis of Neoliberalism: Mainstreaming New Right Populism in the Corporate News Media,” in Claire Snyder-Hall & Cynthia Burack, eds., Right-Wing Populism and the Media (New York: Routledge, 2014) (with Matt Guardino)

  • Manuscript Above Originally Published As: “The Tea Party and the Crisis of Neoliberalism: Mainstreaming New Right Populism in the Corporate News Media,” New Political Science 34:4 (December 2012) (with Matt Guardino)


  • 2017: “The Capitalist Advertising and Marketing Complex” Caucus for a New Political Science,   50th Anniversary Conference

  • 2015: “Commodity Chains, Class Power, and Logistics: Commercial Capital as Global Circuit Manager” American Association of Geographers, Annual Meeting

  • 2014: “Global Commodity Chains and the Corporate Power of Commercial Capital” Institute for Global Law and Policy, Harvard Law School

  • 2014: “Capitalism, Commodity Chains, and the Restructuring of the International Grain Trade” International Studies Association, 55th Annual Convention

  • 2013: “The Rise of Commercial Capital in the Global Political Economy” Rethinking Marxism, Eighth International Conference