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Deanne Bell

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Contact Information

231 McGregor Hall

937-319-6139 ext. 3231


Deanne Bell, assistant professor of psychology, is a depth and liberation psychologist. Her primary interest is the liberation of being.

Her current work explores the psychology of the downpressor (middle class oppressor) who bystands social injustice through indifference. She is also concerned with how social transformation may come about ushering in a humanistic society. She sees possibilities for social transformation as the outcome of a psychological process of acting back against downpressing and is working on a reggae opera as a piece of socially conscious art that could potentially catalyze social consciousness.

Deanne is also working on a multi-media collaborative project designed to provide a platform for members of Tivoli Gardens (an inner city community in Kingston, Jamaica) to recount their experiences of May 2010 when the Jamaican security forces killed at least 76 civilians in a week. This project is meant to contribute to a healing process in which survivors publicly memorialize loved ones lost and in which historical silences are broken.

Deanne is also analyzing her participation in these research projects intending to contribute to the development of transgressive and transformative research praxes in situations where oppression exists.

PhD & MA, Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute
MA, Counselor Education, University of Montana
BBA, Finance & International Business, Florida International University
Selected Publications: 

Bell, D. (2015). A Raison D'être for Making a Reggae Opera as a Pedagogical Tool for Psychic Emancipation in (Post)Colonial Jamaica. International Journal of Inclusive Education. DOI: 10.1080/13603116.2015.1047657

Bell, D. (2013) Bearing Black. Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology. Vol 5(1), 122-125.

Talking Teaching: Reflections on Becoming a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

PSYC 105 General Psychology
PSYC 110 Foundations of Social Psychology
PSYC 210 Ecopsychology
PSYC 235 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 240 Somatic Psychology
PSYC 400 Basic Therapeutic Skills
SSC 490 Social Science Research Seminar
SSC 495 Social Science Senior Project
GS 160 Global Seminar Education