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Emily Steinmetz

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Contact Information

Office: 220 McGregor Hall

Phone: 937-319-0135



Emily Steinmetz joined the Antioch College faculty in Fall 2014 as assistant professor of anthropology. She earned her doctorate in anthropology in 2013 from Northwestern University, where she focused on social and economic inequality, historical political economy, and the United States. Most recently, Dr. Steinmetz taught for two years at American University in Washington, DC, where she developed a variety of anthropology and American Studies courses on topics ranging from sex/gender, anthropological and social theory, U.S. Life, the American South, state policy, and prisons and social control.

Dr. Steinmetz is interested in the ways that professionals and government officials create “the margins” through discourses and policies that target people who reject or do not or fit into dominant middle-class mores. She is also concerned with the lived experiences and strategies of the people who suffer most from those policies and discourses. She has conducted ethnographic research in Baltimore and rural New Mexico, where she examined governance and the processes of social, economic, and political marginalization through the lenses of mass incarceration, prison privatization, land-use, and housing policies. She has also collaborated on a research and film project that explores land reform and new collective agricultural movements in Bolivia. Currently, Steinmetz is investigating the social dimensions of water policy and governance in the Southwest, and she is planning to continue her work with incarcerated and recently-released men and women locally.


  • ANTH 260 Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

  • ANTH 380 Inside-Out

  • SSC 490 Social Science Research Methods