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Creative Film Festival

Experiential Education is one of the hallmarks of an Antioch education.  Many of our courses include an element of real-life application of the theoretical principles learned in the classroom.  Our language program takes this mission to heart.  
This Winter term, in order to get our students thinking in their target language beyond the classroom, we put together a collaborative video project in which students proposed a topic and genre in language, wrote a script in language, and shot and edited their own works as much in language as possible.  The results were some wildly creative, sometimes provocative, other times hilarious, but always astute examples of the kind of excellence we strive for here.  
With the vast majority of the participants having completed less than six months of language study, the language faculty and others were collectively blown away by the quality of the language use, as well as by the insight with which students engaged mostly sub-topics of an education theme.  
At the end of the term, the projects were packaged into a festival including public service announcements, movie trailers, mini-documentaries, and shorts and screened for the broader public.  As students aimed to make a real, and creative contribution to subjects of concern to their home cultures as well as to the cultures of those who speak the languages they are studying, the gained confidence in being able to make those kinds of contributions in their target language.  
They are not only on their way to fluency, but to competence in intercultural engagement.

French Language Videos

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