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Courses & Requirements

Beyond the General Education, Language and Culture, Cooperative Education, and Electives requirements, literature majors must complete the following:

Requirements in the Major

Total number of credits toward the major: 52

Core Requirements (all are required): 24 credits

LIT 210

Introduction to the Literary Tradition in English

HIST 210

African American History from the Colonial Period to the Present

PHIL 210

Comparative Philosophy

LIT 290

Introduction to Advanced Study in Literature

HUM 494

Senior Seminar in the Humanities

HUM 495

Senior Project in the Humanities

Additional Requirements in the Major

Intermediate Courses in Literature (choose 3): 12 credits

LIT 220*

Introduction to World Literature

LIT 240

Introduction to Drama

LIT 241

Introduction to Poetry

LIT 242

Introduction to Fiction

LIT 243

Introduction to Cinema

LIT 250

Creative Writing I (also listed as ENG 250)

LIT 251

Expository Writing I (also listed as ENG 251)

LIT 299

Introductory Independent Study in Literature

* May potentially be met by AP, etc. credit

Advanced Courses in Literature (choose 4): 16 credits

LIT 310

Studies in Major Authors

LIT 320

Gender in Literature

LIT 321

Ethnicity in Literature

LIT 330

Literary Movements and Moments I (before 1850)

LIT 331

Literary Movements and Moments II (after 1850)

LIT 350

Advanced Creative Writing (also listed as ENG 350)

LIT 351

Advanced Expository Writing (also listed as ENG 351)

LIT 370

Special Topics in Literature: (subtitle)

LIT 399

Advanced Independent Study in Literature

LIT 470

Advanced Theoretical Approaches to Literature