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Courses & Requirements

Beyond the General Education, Language and Culture, Cooperative Education, and Electives requirements, media arts majors must complete the following:

Requirements in the Major

Total number of credits toward the major: 52

Core Requirements: 8 credits

MEDA 102*

Basic Media Production*

ARTS 494

Senior Seminar in the Arts

ARTS 495

Senior Project in the Arts

* Foundation courses and are credited in general education. This course does not count toward the number of credits required for the major.


Additional Requirements in the Major

Media Arts History or Theory Course (choose 1): 4 credits

MEDA 190

History of Photo

MEDA 290

History of Cinema

MEDA 390

Special Topics in Film History

Introductory and Intermediate Courses (choose 5): 20 credits

ARTS 240

Interdisciplinary Studio (if taken for 4 credits)

LIT 243

Introduction to Cinema

MEDA 165

Community Voices

MEDA 185

Lens & Body: The Portrait

MEDA 190

History of Photography

MEDA 195

Lens & Space: The Photographic Landscape

MEDA 205

The Photographic Series

MEDA 245

Audio Vision: Video Production Intensive

MEDA 255

Archive Fever: Found Footage Filmmaking

MEDA 265

Topics in Animation: (subtitle)

MEDA 270

Special Topics in Media Arts with Resident Artist

MEDA 290

History of Cinema

VISA 265

Art History/ Art Stories

Advanced Courses (choose 4): 16 credits

ARTS 440

Advanced Interdisciplinary Studio*

MEDA 350

Special Topics in Documentary*

MEDA 355

Experimental Media: (subtitle)*

MEDA 365

Topics in Animation: (subtitle)*

MEDA 380

Advanced Projects in Media Arts

MEDA 390

Topics in Film History*

MEDA 465

Advanced Topics in Animation: (subtitle)*

* May be repeated for credit given a different course topic.

Arts Elective (choose 1): 4 credits

Choose any 4-credit, non-foundation PERF or VISA course (any level), or any non-foundation MEDA course not already counting toward the major (any level) or LIT 243.