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The performance major at Antioch College starts with the notion of the self as source and resource. Classes in theater, dance, and music are taught with an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes the presence of the performer and the responsibility of the artist to the audience. Students are encouraged to develop physical, vocal, and narrative skills through courses in voice and speech, basic acting, movement, storytelling, and autobiographical performance. Through the investigation of voice, body, story, text, and space, students come to understand the connection between their own experience as performers and their responsibility to communicate to others. Students engage with generative and interpretive strategies, develop original works, and stage plays in order to reflect their learning as makers and scholars of performance.

As students progress they become familiar with history, contemporary practices, and theory through studies of interdisciplinary avant-garde performance, documentary theater and media, production classes, and site-specific collaborations with guest artists and community members. They come to understand the responsibility of the artist to take their art into the community as a transformative tool for themselves and others.

The Performance Program is housed in the Foundry Theater, a cultural resource for the Village of Yellow Springs and beyond. Here, students can collaborate with visiting artists, villagers, faculty, and staff within a variety of experiences including community dance concerts and The World House Choir.