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Courses & Requirements

Beyond the General Education, Language and Culture, Cooperative Education, and Electives requirements, political economy majors must complete the following:

Requirements in the Major

Total number of credits toward the major: 52

Core Requirements: 36 credits

PECO 210*

U.S. Political System

PECO 220

Intermediate Micro- and Macro-Economics

PECO 270

Political Economy Theory

PECO 315

Environmental Economics

PECO 350

Public Policy

MATH 205*

Intermediate Statistics

SSC 391


Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences


SSC 392

Quantitative Research Methods in Social Sciences

SSC 394

Junior Seminar in the Social Sciences

SSC 495


Senior Project in the Social Sciences


SSC 496

Social Sciences Capstone

* May potentially be met by AP, etc. credit

Additional Core Requirements

Foundation Courses (both are required)

PECO 105

Foundations of Political Economy

PECO 110*

Principles of Economics

Foundation courses and are credited in general education. These courses do not count toward the number of credits required for the major.

* May potentially be met by AP, etc. credit

Additional Requirements in the Major

Intermediate Courses in PECO (choose 1): 4 credits

PECO 250

Economic Anthropology (cross-listed as ANTH 250)

PECO 260

Political Economy of Technology

PECO 280

Global Political Economy

Or a 200-level course in ANTH or PSYC

ANTH 210

Language and Culture

ANTH 230

Anthropology of Human Rights

ANTH 240

Special Topics in Race and Ethnicity: (subtitle)

ANTH 250

Economic Anthropology (cross-listed with PECO 250)

ANTH 260

Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

PSYC 200

Basic Therapeutic Skills

PSYC 205

Learning & Behavior

PSYC 210


PSYC 215

Social Marketing for Sustainability

PSYC 220

Animal Behavior

PSYC 225

Developmental Psychology

PSYC 230

Personality Theories

PSYC 242

Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 250

Introduction to Depth Psychology

Advanced Courses in PECO (choose 1): 4 credits

PECO 310

Anthropology of Globalization (also listed as ANTH 310)

PECO 320

Labor Economics

PECO 330

Political Economy of Race and Gender

PECO 360

Comparative Political Economy

PECO 390

Special Topics in Political Economy

PECO 399

Independent Study (Advanced)

Advanced Courses in ANTH or PSYC (choose 2): 8 credits

ANTH 305

Anthropology of Space and Place

ANTH 310

Anthropology of Globalization (also listed as PECO 310)

ANTH 340

Anthropology Practicum: (subtitle)

ANTH 345

Theory in Cultural Anthropology I

ANTH 350

Theory in Cultural Anthropology II

ANTH 370

Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: (subtitle)

ANTH 380


ANTH 399

Independent Study (Advanced)

PSYC 310


PSYC 325

Critical Community Psychology

PSYC 330

Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSYC 335

Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 340

Special Topics in Learning and Behavior: (subtitle)

PSYC 370

Special Topics in Psychology: (subtitle)

PSYC 395

Special Topics in Psychology: (subtitle)

PSYC 399

Independent Study (Advanced)

PSYC 420

Political and Ethical Issues in Psychology

PSYC 470

Special Topics in Liberation Psychology: (subtitle)