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The psychology major at Antioch College provides an opportunity for students to discover how we think, feel and act using a variety of lenses. Students can explore this dynamic field from behavioral, biological, clinical, cultural, psychosocial and critical perspectives. Coursework exposes students to a variety of sub-fields within the discipline while providing an opportunity for students to specialize in behavioral/ biological, clinical/ cultural, psychosocial studies and transformative psychologies.

The study of psychology is valuable for liberal arts students regardless of their major. The understanding and skills developed through the study of psychology is highly relevant to students’ personal lives. The psychology major prepares students for a variety of human- and animal-oriented careers as well as positions students to be competitive applicants for graduate study in psychology. Psychology courses also complement the studies of non-psychology majors, who can explore ideas that enhance their understanding of the world in which they live while preparing for higher education acceptance exams (e.g. MCAT, GRE, etc.).