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Courses & Requirements

Beyond the General Education, Language and Culture, Cooperative Education, and Electives requirements, the plan for a self-designed major leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree must include at least 52 quarter credits, consisting of:

At least two but not more than four foundation courses

  • These credits count for general education and not towards the major.

Eleven courses in the major meeting the following criteria Specifically addressed in the student’s plan, and be clearly justified and articulated as a cohesive whole

  • At least four must be at the 100 or 200 level (not including foundation courses)
  • At least four must be at the 300 or 400 level (not including the senior seminar or senior project)

A Senior Seminar

A Senior Project

A BA degree requires 24 disciplinary elective credits. This requirement is normally met with six 4-credit courses; these courses do not need to be justified or listed, but students are encouraged to do so, especially since this may further clarify the major and help the committee advise the student.

Students must declare the self-designed major within a division that currently exists at the College and that most appropriately fits the major. For the BA, the major must be declared in the arts, humanities, or social sciences divisions.