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Visual Arts

The visual arts major at Antioch College emphasizes the unity between the practical and the theoretical, and the indivisibility of form and concept. At Antioch College, the study of art involves the development of strong traditional and experimental technical skill, as well as a sophisticated visual language, an understanding of art history and theory, and an awareness of the issues and concepts present in art and visual culture today.

The media of drawing, painting, and sculpture act as our foundation. Students will be introduced to questions and concerns that inform artistic practices across these media and will consider the contemporary expansion of these media. Students will be challenged to develop and articulate their own problems and positions, and be asked to consider disciplinary boundaries, both malleable and fixed. Students will be introduced to a great deal of historical and contemporary artwork, and to be asked read a variety of texts, from artists’ writings to critical theory.

The major in visual arts can prepare students for graduate work in visual arts or related careers; but at its core it is a humanist endeavor and can help to prepare involved students, majors and non-majors alike, for a wide variety of endeavors beyond the studio or the confines of an art world.