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The Writing Requirement

All students who graduate from Antioch College are expected to be able to write the English language with fluency and grace. By the end of their second year of study, and preferably within the first year, all students must complete the writing requirement.

Students may complete writing requirements in the following ways:

  • Successfully complete GSW 105.
  • Earn sufficiently high scores on certain common standardized tests, such as the AP examination.
  • Complete coursework at another institution that meets the writing requirement

‚ÄčIn all cases, students should inquire about the possibilities of exemptions from the requirements with a faculty advisor and should not assume these requirements have been met until they receive written confirmation from the registrar’s office.

Placement testing for writing, quantitative skills, and language proficiency occurs during new student orientation, which takes place immediately before the beginning of a student’s first study term on campus. In the event that the student’s placement tests indicate that they do not meet the minimum college-level requirements, students must enroll in ENG 090 College Writing Skills. Upon successful completion of this course, a student would then proceed to complete coursework that satisfies the writing requirement.

GSW 105/ENG 105
Writing Seminar (2 credits)

Writing Seminars are theme-based workshops that seek to improve students’ skills in writing for academic purposes. Particular attention will be paid to documentation and the use of secondary sources; close reading and textual analysis; and scholarly personal narrative. Assignments will include the examination of texts on writing craft; review and analysis of published texts in various styles and genres; discussion; peer review; and proofreading and revising original works. Writing Seminars share themes with Global Seminars, but they are delivered and graded independently.

ENG 090
College Writing Skills (2 credits)

Through introductory-level work in writing for academic purposes, students learn to cultivate effective language use to enhance their writing. Specific, focused instruction in the following areas: using resource materials to write and revise essays; organizing and writing essays using a variety of rhetorical modes; proofreading, editing, and revising prose to assure clarity, consistency, and conformity to conventions of Standard American English; avoiding plagiarism; and providing appropriate documentation of sources. Placement determined by score on entry assessment. This course does not carry credit towards a bachelor’s degree.