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I’m NOT crazy!

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The greatest issue I have encountered since leaving the UN Foundation is how to introduce myself. In this city, it seems that where you work is what you are. There is no title for what I’m doing for co-op. I could say “I evaluate opportunities for internships for Antioch College students.” Even though it isn't lame, I think it sounds pretty lame.

My other job is blogging for the Office of Admission. So I could say “I’m a professional blogger.” Unfortunately people have figured out that blogging is not a real job. Even the grownups. I have found the elegant solution. I don't blog, “I write web content.”

Titles aside, I have adjusted pretty well to leaving the UN Foundation. Well actually the first six hours were pretty awful. Chocolate, pizza and guilty pleasure TV. But after that it got better. Until (I thought) I started seeing things:

Recently, I thought I was going crazy.

I kept seeing little flashes of light.

They started about two weeks ago. I saw little flashes of light in the corner of my eye when I was walking home at night. I thought it was just being tired and seeing things, but it kept happening.

I was worried every time I saw one, that I was going to pass out.

Worse, it happened more frequently, especially when I was tired. And I wouldn't just see them out of the corner of my eye, but right in front of me too. I would see little strings of light, like when you stand up to fast after sitting for a long period of time. It was starting to worry me. I’m pretty sure you are not supposed to see little flashes of light. I was fairly certain I was going crazy. It soon became clear I needed to tell someone about these little dancing lights I kept seeing.

Before I did though, someone set me straight:


“Did you see that”

Me: “Wait, you saw that too?”

“Yep, a firefly!”

Me: “…a firefly…”

“Yeah. Did you see it?”

This was the best news I had encountered in a really long time. Fireflies, of course! I haven't ever seen fireflies before. I’m from the desert, I didn't know what they looked like. The only encounter I’ve ever had with a firefly is the Joss Whedon series. Furthermore, this was why they kept showing up when I was tired. They only come out at night!

Naturally I called my parents to tell them about the whole ordeal. I told my dad about my experience over the phone. I was hoping for some camaraderie. I had quite a scare over the past week.

He couldn't stop laughing.

Except to tell my mom. Then she couldn't stop laughing.

They're still laughing, pretty sure.