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The list of Washington, D.C. firsts

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I love lists. I love lists of firsts. I made a list of firsts for when I arrived at Antioch College on my personal blog, The Equation of Cleo. I thought it was only fitting to post the list of firsts that I have been collecting since I came to D.C.

First Metro ride

First museum

First walk past the White House

First day at work

First work ID

First time in a house office building

First FAC hearing

First UNF phone call

First spring flower

First suit

First weekend

First bike ride

First BWC staff meeting

First paycheck

First blog

First D.C. grocery shopping experience

First time at Eastern Market

First thunderstorm

First D.C. friend

First secretary general report

First book I read

First painting in D.C.

First Baked and Wired cupcake

First time getting on wrong Metro train

First time coming home after dark in D.C.

First time on Amtrak

First time going out with friends after work (YES!)

First D.C. sunset

First time seeing a firefly

First Post Hunt

First time on the roof garden at UNF

First time receiving a package at work (thanks, Sara!)

First lunch at Nat Geo

First time in the Capitol building

First time in the State Department

First time I felt like I knew what I was doing at work

First time filling out termination paperwork

First last day at work

First time leaving UNF

First D.C. cold (achoo!)

First last paycheck

First week in D.C. without UNF

First time at Canvas co/work

First last day in Washington D.C.