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Transient Mode: Home, Pt. 4

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This is part four of a five part series. To read part one, go here:


Fifteen days.

Thats how long (in business days) I have left at work, and how long its been since I added to this document.

Fifteen days can really make a difference.


Last night I went to see the new Star Trek movie. But I didn’t go alone. I went with a friend. A friend from work. Fifteen days ago I was resigned to the fact that I might spend the coming months alone, and I had very nearly come to terms with this fact. Just as I came to terms with this, I made a friend. In fact, I made four friends. Possibly five. I feel like I’m rich with friendships. I could have settled for just one friend, and instead I got four. These four friends don't care that I’m 19, or if they do, they keep it to themselves. It all started on Wednesday when they asked me to go to a happy hour, but decided to go to a sushi bar so that I could go.


For the first time. I went somewhere. With other people. People within five years of my age!


This is great!


Except for one major issue.


I’m not going to be working at the UN Foundation in 15 days.


I have built my life in Washington, D.C. around my work and the UN Foundation. When I got here it seemed like the sensible thing to do. At that point my work life was consistent and my home life was not at all.  At that point for some reason, I felt a sense of stability and security at work that went unparalleled at home. The source of stability was the UN Foundation. I chose my gym based on this. I chose my favorite places to get dinner based around where I work. I chose my dry cleaner based on where I work.


In 15 days this is going to crumble. My two months of adjusting and rebuilding will be undone again. It took me awhile to get used to it too.


Fifteen days is all it takes to unravel one-and-a-half months of hard work into a whirlwind of tangled crazy. It makes me wonder what on earth I’m doing in this city.

Fifteen days.

What am I doing?


I’m learning how to win victories for humanity.