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Would You Like Some Food With That Job?

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One of the great things about working at the United Nations Foundation and the Better World Campaign (aside from helping the world and stuff) is the amount of free food an intern can encounter in a single day. Seriously, some days I go to work and have all three meals without even having to leave the office. The leftovers around here are epic.

This isn’t to say that I don’t miss Antioch Kitchens and sautéed kale (I 100% do), but I have to say it definitely moves down the cost of living in Washington, D.C. Today I had half a bagel and half a cinnamon roll left over from a breakfast meeting in the office. Later I got an e-mail from my boss’s boss. Best. Assignment. Ever.

“I’m not asking twice. Please eat the unbelievably good and healthy Baked and Wired [local D.C. bakery] cupcakes in my office. I had a delicious carrot cake.”


Task accepted. Even though I had to take lunch early to walk over to the other office, I was happy to participate in the cupcake devouring task. Clearly a high-priority assignment. Serious buisness. This needed to get done immediately. They were fantastic cupcakes. Fantastic.

When I came back to the other office, there were sandwiches left over from a luncheon. Just sitting there waiting for interns to devour. How could I resist?


Later in the afternoon I was sent to an event at the Brookings Institution where there were amazing cookies. Events often come with snacks or cookies and sometimes the goldmine… brownies. There were brownies.

Long story short: lots of food, some if it is really good, too. But this abundance of food is not exclusive to the United Nations Foundation. Nooooo. This is the entire District of Columbia. There are stories of starving interns eating exclusively by attending events for the free food. However, my constant grazing is not out of necessity, but rather convenience.

I have to go now because they just put out leftover Pita and Hummus and I want some before its gone.

…nom nom nom nom nom…