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Sept. 16, 2010

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Even before there was a building to house the Antioch College Library, there was an Antioch College Library. As early 1851 requests for funds to the College Library appeared in publication. A year later, a library committee of 20 was appointed, composed largely of Christian ministers. What follows is their first florid communication to the readers of the Christian Church journal, The Christian Palladium.

Photo caption: Old Library -- until the fall of 1925 when the Horace Mann Library was built.

Reprinted from The Christian Palladium, vol. 20 12 March 1852, pg 737

The undersigned having been appointed a Committee, by the Provisional Committee and Trustees of Antioch College, for the purpose of “making necessary arrangements for procuring a LIBRARY for the College,” would most respectfully solicit Books and Funds of the following persons, and for the following reasons, viz.

1st. Of the Friends Of The College we solicit funds and books—either or both—because of the interest which they should, and, we trust, do feel in the Institution; and because of the very great advantage which their sons, and daughters, and friends will derive from the perusal of said books while students at the College; besides learning their intrinsic value, that they may purchase and study them in subsequent life.

2nd. Of the Publishers and Publishing Associations we respectfully solicit a copy of each of their publications (or as many thereof as their liberality will dictate)—first as an act of benevolence; and secondly, because of the Mutual advantage which such donation will bestow; On the College, because of its increased amount of sales which it must naturally bring them. The endowment of the College, $100,000 is already pledged, also about $50,000 for buildings, &c. This sum of $100,000 is divided in 1000 scholarships, and is forever to remain on interest. These 1000 scholarships we very naturally suppose will cause an average attendance of from 500 to 1000 students, each of whom, on graduating, will need a library and of course will choose such books as they have learned the value of in the College library. Hence it is, we say, that publishers and publishing associations, will derive a great advantage, as the gift of a single copy to the College library, might be the means of subsequently selling a thousand of each to the students, graduates, and friends of the institution.

3rd. Of all Authors, we most respectfully solicit a copy of each of their works. Since their object in writing has been to “do good and communicate,” here is a vast field of mind—consisting of hundreds of young ladies and gentlemen—on whom their writing may have an influence for good. Besides this, (as we have before said in the case of publishers,) the giving of a single copy of each of their works to the College library, may be the means of subsequently selling hundreds of each to its graduates and friends; and of causing its graduates to attend the Medical, Legal, or any other scientific institution with which they may stand connected.

4th. Of the benevolent, of the philanthropist, of the friends of free and liberal education, the wide world over, we respectfully solicit donations of books and money; and, in return, we pledge our honor as gentlemen, and our reputation as Christians, to use them, as, in our humble judgment, may best promote the interests of humanity and the cause of God.

Every donation will be carefully recorded in the College Register, where it will stand as a perpetual memento of the kindness and benevolence of the giver.

Dr. J.R. Freese, Philadelphia Pa.; Rev. E. Edmunds, Boston, Mass.; do. J. Hazen, Albany, NY; J.E. Brush, Esq., New York; Rev. John Phillips, Lebanon, Ohio; do. Austin Craig, Blooming Grove, N.Y.; do. John Ross, Charleston 4 Corners, N.Y.; do. I.N. Walter, New York City; do. W.B. Wellons, Suffolk, Va.; do. T. Holmes. Portsmouth N.H.; do. O.J. Wait, Franklin N.H.; do. H.B. Hayes, Ralkiegh, N.C.; do. J. Williamson, Springfield, Ohio; do. Oliver Barr, Aurora, Ill.; do. N. Summerbell, Cincinnati, Ohio; do. J.W. Marvin, Starkey, N.Y.; B.F. Carter, Esq., Newburyport, Mass.; Rev. James Elliot, Oberlin, Ohio; do. J.B. Weston, Skowhegan, Me.; do. A.L. McKinney, Crawfordsville, Ia.