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Preserving and recording our history is an essential element in building the future of Antioch College. Antiochiana began as a collection of historical artifacts gathered by College librarian Bessie Totten, Class of 1900, who served the College for 41 years. Among its impressive collection, Antiochiana includes the papers of Horace Mann and Arthur Morgan, used for academic research by scholars from around the world.

After more than a century, Antioch College remains committed to careful stewardship of this critical College resource. If you have questions regarding the archive or wish to support its preservation with the pledge of a capital or planned gift, please contact us at 937-319-0111.

Songs from the Stacks  News from Scott Sanders, Archivist

When Horace Mann corresponded with The Cincinnati Gazette in May 1859, Antioch College was experiencing one of its more notable financial meltdowns, the details of which Mann lays out fairly clearly in his opening paragraphs. As with his presidency, Mann’s letter addresses perceived slights with far more precision and alacrity than the money problems that had people at each other's throats, a standard criticism of his... › MORE

Unfavorable press and Antioch College have gone together since before there was an Antioch College. Barely a 16-monthold idea and still yet to become an actual place, Antioch had already been a hot topic in Ohio newspapers when the following dispatch from The Lebanon Western Star appeared in The Conneaut Reporter. Though they conceived their school in upstate New York, the fundraising prowess of Rev. John Phillips of Brown County led... › MORE

There’s been considerable talk around the library of late concerning a certain anniversary of a certain closing of a certain college. Stacks remembers those days and would prefer not to, for the dizzying highs of 2008 were not worth its mind-numbing lows. But oh, those highs. The work that year was exhilarating, and it was fortunate in some ways that what was left of the library staff after 2007 was too focused on helping... › MORE

Last month’s Stacks was preempted by a visit to Concord Free Public Library in Massachusetts, where an exhibit of Ada Shepard’s marvelous sketches of Florence, Italy opened on April 6th. Many a friend of Antiochiana attended,  including several descendants of this most distinguished member of the first graduating class of Antioch College. CFPL and Antiochiana also go way back, sharing collections and... › MORE

The roots that Antioch College has in Massachusetts run deep. Its famous first president, Horace Mann and his wife Mary, both came from Boston area, as did several of the first students to attend. To the Manns, most prized among those students was Ada Shepard of Dorchester, MA, who would graduate in Antioch’s very first class in 1857. A month and a week after finishing college, she booked passage on the steamship Ariel bound... › MORE

Yellow Springs, OH, has long been thought to be a haven for free-thinkers and eccentrics alike. It’s possible that the story of the Owenites is where that reputation began. In 1824, a visionary Scottish industrialist named Robert Owen visited the United States to investigate purchasing the tiny utopian settlement of New Harmony, IN, along the Wabash River. Owen was already famous for the great social welfare experiment he had... › MORE