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Preserving and recording our history is an essential element in building the future of Antioch College. Antiochiana began as a collection of historical artifacts gathered by College librarian Bessie Totten, Class of 1900, who served the College for 41 years. Among its impressive collection, Antiochiana includes the papers of Horace Mann and Arthur Morgan, used for academic research by scholars from around the world.

After more than a century, Antioch College remains committed to careful stewardship of this critical College resource. If you have questions regarding the archive or wish to support its preservation with the pledge of a capital or planned gift, please contact us at 937-319-0111.

Songs from the Stacks  News from Scott Sanders, Archivist

Edwin R. Roberts came to Antioch College from Loveland, Ohio, at the southern terminus of the bike path that runs through Yellow Springs. He entered in 1909, graduated in 1913 and became an insurance agent in Indianapolis. What follows is his account of the College during the presidency of Daniel Albright Long, incidentally the longest tenure of any president in Antioch College history. Roberts could not have witnessed most of the... › MORE

This installment of “Stacks” might be subtitled: Ode to a Forgotten Financial Hero. Born near Boston in 1813, Artemas Carter joined the Board of Trustees of Antioch College in 1859. He was a prominent merchant and a leading member of the American Unitarian Association. His older brother, James Gordon Carter, had been an important education reformer in Massachusetts, served in state legislature with Horace Mann, and helped... › MORE

Once again “Stacks” sings a song of the Antioch College library, featuring vocals by Patricia Aldred, class of 1952. Her brief history of the early College library originally ran in the November 1952 Antioch Alumni Bulletin when Horace Mann Library (The Music Department to some and Weston Hall to other vintages of Antiochians) had exceeded its capacity and was about to be replaced with Olive Kettering Library. Pat married George... › MORE

It is a matter of tribal knowledge that Hugh Taylor Birch gave Glen Helen to Antioch College in 1929, and that then College President Arthur E. Morgan is the one who made it happen, attracting Mr. Birch back to his alma mater with the great energy and innovation that was the character of his presidency. The unsung hero in the tale of Glen Helen, however, was Lucy Griscom Morgan. The College’s first lady was a botanist and... › MORE

Even before there was a building to house the Antioch College Library, there was an Antioch College Library. As early 1851 requests for funds to the College Library appeared in publication. A year later, a library committee of 20 was appointed, composed largely of Christian ministers. What follows is their first florid communication to the readers of the Christian Church journal, The Christian Palladium. Photo caption: Old Library... › MORE

On October 5, 1854, exactly one year after the first opening of Antioch College, Horace Mann gave one of the more far-reaching addresses of his career to the General Convention of the Christian Church. In “Demands of the Age on Colleges,” Mann places Antioch College squarely at the forefront of an ever-changing and (particularly at that time) rapidly expanding American civilization, and challenges its founders to ensure... › MORE