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The Miller Brothers – An Enduring Legacy

Guest Curated by Jenny Haack

February 7–May 13, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 7 at 7:00 p.m.

Ten years ago, a beautifully optimistic legacy endowment was gifted to our community by local brothers, Nolan and Richard Miller, with the express intent to build collaboration–through service–between Antioch College and the nonprofits of Yellow Springs. At the time of the bequest, though, the fate of Antioch College and its students was uncertain and tenuous, having just been closed.

Today, their legacy endures in the rich experiential service learning of over 200 Antioch College students who have served in local nonprofit organizations through Nolan and Richard's namesake Miller Fellowships program. This Spring, Yellow Springs Community Foundation's nonprofit center will share space and energy on the campus of Antioch College, working in collaboration in our historic Antioch Hall.

This exhibition celebrates their vision and their lives. Emerging from humble and disadvantaged beginnings, through adversity and scarcity, to nearly a century of lifelong creative practice, Nolan (1907-2006) became a much beloved Professor of Writing at Antioch College (1946-1972) and his brother Richard (1915-2009), deaf since infancy, became a successful visual artist.

We have organized this exhibition, in order to emphasize practice and process, “salon-style”, with sketches, gestures, drafts, and notes holding equal importance to works deemed finished. These tiny fragments of visual and literary ephemera mark creative victories and illuminate waypoints of creative inquiry.

Richard and Nolan Miller


The Herndon Gallery is the center of contemporary visual arts programing at Antioch College. By creating and hosting dynamic exhibitions that awaken curiosity and visual engagement with our world, The Herndon Gallery is a both a regional arts destination and an integral curricular asset at Antioch College, with exhibitions and arts programming that are highly-collaborative, interdisciplinary, and fully engaged with important contemporary global issues and ideas.

Programming is organized to facilitate dialogue and to foster connections between current world issues and contemporary art, locally, regionally, and globally through innovatively curated exhibitions, our Artists-in-Residence program, and Arts at Antioch curatorial and programming projects.

Antioch College students have the opportunity to engage in direct experiential learning through the Herndon Gallery Student Assistantship program, where they are directly involved in arts programming, curatorial work, and through directed research for each exhibition as gallery docents. As docents, students make contemporary art relevant and accessible to the public by helping visitors to navigate contemporary art. The Assistantship program offers students paid hands-on collaborative experience in the gallery setting, giving Antioch students the competitive edge when applying for prestigious arts co-ops, and broad-based contemporary arts management skills upon graduation.



Nuclear Fallout: The Bomb in Three Archives

September 20 – December 7, 2018

In this deeply divided era, as world powers brazenly threaten to unleash their nuclear arsenals, Antioch College’s Herndon Gallery responds with a deeply-affecting collaborative exhibition project: Nuclear Fallout: The Bomb in Three Archives. The exhibition draws on and responds to three vastly different historic archives that deal with the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, in order to refresh our collective memory about the effects and aftermath of nuclear war.

Support for this FotoFocus Biennial 2018 exhibition was provided by FotoFocus, The Janet Wheeler Fund for the Arts at Antioch College and by the Lloyd Family Fund for Peace Studies and World Law.\

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