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Student Life Courses

Student Life courses are designed to provide knowledge and skills within the college’s Liberal Arts Learning Outcomes. These outcomes include Intercultural Effectiveness, Social Engagement and Deliberative Action. Experiences within the community such as participation in governance and residence life are designed to be educational as well as supportive of the health of the community. Student Life courses are zero, one, or two credits and students can take them as electives (for open electives credit) at any time in their Antioch careers. Courses may also be open to the wider Yellow Springs and campus community.

Student Life courses fall into three categories:

  • Contemplative Education (CLCE) offerings support students in developing practices related to mindfulness, physical and emotional balance, self-awareness and empathy.

  • Community Engagement Courses (CLCN) provide opportunities for students to develop interpersonal, social, intercultural and organizational skills that enhance their ability to effectively participate in the life of any community students choose to be a part of.  

  • Health and Wellness Courses (CLHW) support students’ physical, mental, and emotional health. 

While Student Life courses are not a requirement for graduation, students are encouraged to take at least two to three Student Life courses during their Antioch career.