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Counseling Services

Counseling Services is considered to be an integral part of health and wellness at Antioch College. Free counseling services are available to all students currently enrolled at the college with a limit of seven sessions per term. The campus counselor(s) provides psychological assistance, psychoeducation, social supports, crisis intervention, assessments and referrals to off-campus mental health resources. Staffing for Counseling Services includes at least one full-time and one contract part-time mental health therapist.

Individual and couples counseling, as well as consultation and in-service trainings for faculty and staff on significant issues related to student mental health are available.  In addition, phone issues and e-mail consultations may be available to students on co-op on a case-by-case basis. We seek to empower students to discover, create, identify, and hone coping skills, and tools for wellness. We respect one’s own authentic process and we strive to assist students in removing barriers that negatively impact their ability to reach their potential. 

All services are confidential and within the ethical and legal guidelines of the Ohio Counselor, Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapy Board.