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Coming to the Counseling Center

Students can make an appointment to see a counselor two ways:


Khara Scott-Bey-

Erin George-


Khara Scott-Bey: (937) 319-0070 

Erin George: (937) 319-6139 ex. 7521 


Students are encouraged to make an appointment to ensure adequate time and availability.  Walk-in hours will be scheduled as needed. 

What is Counseling and what to expect?

Counseling is a therapeutic relationship where each student is respected and supported.  During sessions the counselor and student process thoughts and emotions, identify and implement coping skills, and make meaning out of experiences.  Counseling sessions are kept confidential unless the student signs a release of information for a specific person, such as your doctor or another professional staff member such as the student success advisor. 

During your first session you will be asked to read and sign a “Consent for Services” form.  You will also be asked to fill out a short intake form and an issues checklist.  These forms can be found on the website and are also available in the counseling center.  Once the paperwork is complete you are free to talk about what brings you to counseling.

Counseling is a conversation where the counselor may ask you some clarifying questions to increase their understanding and clarify your own thinking.  Counseling is a process of problem solving and self-discovery.  The counselor may suggest “homework” between sessions to facilitate your growth. 

Students who need long-term or more intensive services and/or medication will be referred to community resources.  Counseling staff will help students with the referral process.  Students are expected to pay for all off-campus services.