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Residence Life

Residence Life Mission

The mission of the Residence Life Program is to provide a sense of home to a diverse student population while empowering students with life skills that translate beyond the walls of the residence hall. Residence Life emphasizes building a culture of respect and compassion in students’ living spaces, a sense of stewardship towards facilities, and the development of civic responsibility and leadership skills that are essential for success and overall educational experience.

Residence Life Staff

Residence Life staff work in residence halls as full-time, live-in staff members and are the direct supervisors of RAs. Residence Life staff members are responsible for the daily administration of the residence halls, which includes resolving student conduct violations, advising the
Residence Life Advisory Board (RLAB), program planning, supporting students and serving on campus-wide committees. In collaboration with the Residence Life Advisory Board, they design, implement, coordinate and evaluate policies in the Residence Halls.