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Wellness Center

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The History

Built in 1929, Curl Gymnasium served Antioch College for nearly 80 years as the focal point of physical education and health activities.

Student demand for modern, functional health and wellness facilities on campuses across the country and at Antioch has since far exceeded the capacity of Curl Gymnasium to fill this need for our community. As the College reopens and with the goal of ensuring that it remains competitive in its ability to attract this new generation of top-tier students, the College began construction in June 2013 on the renovation of Curl Gymnasium to become a modern and functional facility for student health, wellness and recreation. We are calling this new 44,000 square-foot space the Wellness Center.

Prior to the renovations currently underway to create a new Wellness Center, the most recent renovation to Curl Gymnasium was in 1964.

The Plan

The entire building, both outside and in, is being renovated to create a high-quality space for student health, wellness and recreation. The renovations to the outside of the building include a beautifully landscaped courtyard with outdoor seating, an outdoor deck adjacent to the new swimming pool, a rain garden with native plantings, new sidewalks and a drop-off circle for motor vehicles.

The Interior of the new Wellness Center will include:

  • A fully equipped fitness room with state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, strength machines, weight lifting equipment, and a walking track;
  • Indoor courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and pickleball;
  • Multi-purpose studio spaces for yoga, group fitness classes, martial arts, and stress management;
  • Two racquetball courts;
  • A six-lane, 25-yard, regulation-size, indoor swimming pool for aquatic fitness, safety courses, and swimming lessons;
  • A therapeutic whirlpool;
  • A healthy grab-and-go snack bar;
  • Male, female, and gender neutral locker rooms;
  • New lounge for gathering and socializing;
  • Lounge space for gathering and socializing; and a large multi-use space for special events, lectures, conferences, retreats, and performances.

Membership fees and programming are being determined and will be publicized on the Antioch College website this summer. The facility is expected to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental (LEED) certification upon completion.


The Need

High-quality student life and co-curricular activities, particularly in the areas of health, wellness, and fitness, are essential ingredients for a vibrant and holistic college experience. Currently, Antioch students have very few spaces on campus in which they can pursue recreational and wellness activities.

The newly renovated Wellness Center will provide this much needed resource for students, as well as faculty, staff, and village residents. It will serve as the campus venue that supports and encourages members of the College and the Yellow Springs community to engage in behaviors that promote health, personal growth, and an enhanced quality of life. Fitness classes, intramural and club sports, mind/body classes such as meditation, martial arts, yoga, special events, educational programing, outdoor expeditions, and aquatics are just a few of the programmatic offerings that will be possible once this new space is completed.

Research on student satisfaction and retention also confirms the benefits of having a recreational facility and robust set of recreational offerings on campus. In addition to the obvious benefits these offerings enable in the areas of physical fitness and overall health, the availability of recreational facilities and associated programs:

  • Increases psychological well-being;
  • Provides a healthy outlet for stress relief;
  • Enables opportunities for leadership and team building;
  • Helps to build character, self-confidence, and a positive self concept;
  • Facilitates time management and the setting of priorities;
  • Improves academic success; and
  • Lays the groundwork for a lifelong commitment to good mental and physical health.