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Join us on the Antioch Farm during our weekly volunteer hours. All ages & skill levels are welcome. Weather permitting. Call (937) 477-8654 for more info.

OreganoThe food forest at the Antioch Farm includes edible trees, shrubs, berries, and herbs in a natural forest-like environment. Some plants are also selected for medicinal properties or other uses such as beauty or building material.

Unlike monocultures, or plantings of just one type of crop, a food forest takes advantage of the ecological growing patterns of plants in nature. Like natural forests, our food forest is planted in layers, each layer containing different plants. The following are growing in each our layers:

Canopy Trees: Walnut, Mulberry, Locust
Understory Trees: Paw Paw, Redbud, Apple, Pear, Plum
Shrubs: Hazelnut, Bush Cherry, Serviceberry, Figs
Berries: Black Berries, Currents, Jostaberries
Herbs: Spearmint, Comfrey, Asparagus, Nettle, Oregano, Wild Chives