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Hoop House

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Join us on the Antioch Farm during our weekly volunteer hours. All ages & skill levels are welcome. Weather permitting. Call (937) 477-8654 for more info.

Completed in December 2011, the passive hoop house allows year-round fresh vegetable production. In the winter, we grow cold-hardy crops like collards, spinach, salad greens, and radishes without electricity. Openers respond to the change in temperature to open the vents if the greenhouse gets too warm. The sides also manually roll up to provide ventilation and temperature control.

Tree boards from milled oak-wood scraps from the Glen Helen Preserve make up the edges of the raised beds within the greenhouse. Students and community volunteers built the raised beds just after the hoop house was completed.

Farm hoophouse

The exterior of the hoop house.

Interior of the hoop house

The interior of the hoop house.